Upgrade Fedora 32 to 33 Final Release

This tutorial explains how you can upgrade your system to Fedora 33 (F33) final release.

Just run the following commands:

1) These commands will download the latest packages for Fedora 33 and then also download the upgrade plugin if it already does not exist. It will also run the transaction test to make sure the system is upgradeable without any errors.

Note 1: The –allowerasing option in the third command will remove any packages for whom the same does not exist in newer Fedora’s repositories. Take, for example, support for python two has been dropped completely from F32. Also, if it can’t find any regular package at this time, then don’t panic. These packages will show up in a week or two.

Note 2: At the end of the download process, you will be asked to accept keys for different repositories, just say yes for all of them.

sudo dnf upgrade –refresh
sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
sudo dnf system-upgrade download –refresh –allowerasing –releasever=33

2) Once the packages have been downloaded, just run this command to reboot and upgrade.

sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

This upgrade process can take some time, so, grab a coffee or have your lunch until the process completes on its own.

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