Install Google Drive in Fedora / Ubuntu / Linux Mint

This tutorial will guide you to add Google Drive to Fedora or Ubuntu or Linux Mint. We are assuming that you are running any of these OS with Cinnamon or Gnome desktop.

First, go to the start menu and search for ‘Online Accounts’. A new window will open up and it will look like the one given below:

Online Accounts

In the above window, one can configure accounts for multiple service providers including Google. Select Google from the above. A Sign-In window will pop-up. Sign in to it.

After signing in successfully, a window will be displayed that will have the features of the Google account that you wish to integrate with the Gnome or Cinnamon Desktop. Make sure the Files option is checked and close the window.

Go to Computer icon on Desktop and here you will see the Google Desktop on the screen just like any other drives on the computer. Just double-click on it to view the files. You can also copy/paste files from it just like any other drive on your computer and the data will be synced automatically.


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